[development] Ajax suggestions for an SoC student

Steve Dondley sdondley at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 19:33:51 UTC 2006

I know a University of Massachusetts student who is very interested in
putting his interest in Ajax to work for the Drupal SoC program.  His
basic project idea is to use Ajax to lower bandwidth and minimize whoe
page generations.

For example, the vote.moduel displays a poll in a block and the user
makes a selection and clicks on "Vote."  It's overkill to make a visit
to index.php to regenrate an entire page simply to display the poll
results when they could get redisplayed in the block with Ajax.  There
are probably dozens of other examples like this.

So this is not "ajax for ajax sake."  It will help reduce server load.

I'd like to help find a mentor for the student, someone who knows more
about Ajax than I do and who can help him think up concrete ideas for
using Ajax with Drupal to minimize server load to put into a proposal.
 Please email me and I'll put you in touch with him.


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