[development] better autocompletion?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Apr 18 19:46:15 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 18 april 2006 16:33, schreef John Handelaar:
> How about amending the autocomplete results to (eg)
>     Title (Author, Date) | nid
> ?

AFAIK it was Dries who said 'we should never use nids or other database 
specific keys in our frontend'. 

Even if this were not his exact words, that is still very true.

 Imagine Gmail forcing you to remember a mid (mail id) for each mail you 
receive. Or itunes allowing you only to 'add a song by inserting its unique 
sid in this textfield' . Not an option. Key ids are for the database and the 
code, not for humans. 


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