[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Gary (Lists) listout at accidentaltechie.org
Thu Apr 20 13:13:26 UTC 2006

"Dries Buytaert" wrote:

> So best to submit your patch to the issue tracker and to rally up some people
> to thumb it up.

Respectfully, this sounds likek a problem.

If a patch fixes a bug, and someone has taken the time to spot the bug, fix
the bug, and make a patch, then why do they also then need to engage in
personality politics to get the fix applied?

This statement reads a bit like  "Well, even you fix a bug, we may not apply
the fix if we don't like you."

That's an odd method of development.  But it surely explains some things.

Or did I mis-read?  Or did you mis-write?

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