[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 17:11:18 UTC 2006

On 20 Apr 2006, at 15:13, Gary (Lists) wrote:
> If a patch fixes a bug, and someone has taken the time to spot the  
> bug, fix
> the bug, and make a patch, then why do they also then need to  
> engage in
> personality politics to get the fix applied?
> This statement reads a bit like  "Well, even you fix a bug, we may  
> not apply
> the fix if we don't like you."
> That's an odd method of development.  But it surely explains some  
> things.

Maybe my initial wording was confusing but it certainly is not  
politics.  It is quality assurance.  If you submit a patch, the patch  
needs to be reviewed and tested before it can get committed.  The  
process of reviewing and testing patches is distributed amongst  
(mostly) volunteer contributors.  By uploading your patch to the  
patch queue (or the issue tracker), reviewers will be able to find  
your patch.  It's just the process we put in place to get bugs  
fixed.  I was inviting you to use this process.

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