[development] hook_view, nodeapi and filters

Sean B. Fuller sean at seanbfuller.com
Mon Apr 24 18:37:39 UTC 2006

While working on some code on 4.7rc3, I wanted to make sure I understood 
drupal's process for filtering user-submitted content for safe display 
and how that process was affected by drupal 4.7 (if at all). I wrote up 
a quick walk through of the process as I currently understand it, and 
thought I'd post it to the forums for review / reference. This is 
potentially a "best-practice guide."

If anyone wants to take a break from testing 4.7rc3 and give it a quick 
read, that'd be great. If you see anything I got wrong, or if you have 
any links to more comprehensive information, please feel free to comment.

I'm sure this is something that many of you deal with on a daily basis, 
but as I could not find what I was looking for with a quick search, and 
as I was writing it up for my own benefit anyway, I decided to go ahead 
and share it.



Sean B. Fuller

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