[development] Javascript Tools and Backport: developer-interest modules

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Mon Apr 24 21:01:37 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 16:53 -0400, Rowan Kerr wrote:
> Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> > I would like these tools, but for divs.
> I suppose they could be abstracted or simplified to operating on a dom 
> "parent" element so many levels up the tree...

With well structured xhtml...

moving nodes horizontally (at the same depth of the tree), and moving
them up and down  to different depths of the tree... can take on some
fun meaning.. and probably all sorts of fun writing css for...

So you could move div.row around other div.rows....
or mov div.row div.col up the tree to be the container for the

go back to chasing drunk monkeys now..

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