[development] [drupal.org/services] Would you please include us

Olav Schettler olav.schettler at contaire.de
Tue Apr 25 21:13:22 UTC 2006

... on this page? This would make our engagement at Linuxtag 2006 even 
more credible.
Here is the write-up:

contAire GmbH | http://www.contaire.com/
Arndtstr. 12, D-50676 Köln, Germany
+49 221 4204757 | info at contaire.de

contAire GmbH is a consulting and software development company with a 
rich background in project work for e-commerce enterprises as well as 
media companies. Our managing directors are Dr. Olav Schettler and 
Friedrich Stahl.

Services: contAire GmbH realises complex web-based projects. We compose 
and realise the software systems that best implement the digital content 
processes our customers need. Often, such a system is a tightly 
integrated blend of both commercial and free software components. Drupal 
has become our favourite when it comes to implementing online community 

Qualifications: We are an active and esteemed implementation partner of 
leading software companies Autonomy, CoreMedia, and Six. Our deep 
project experience taught us to successfully tackle complex tasks in 
agile environments. Recent clients include Bertelsmann AG (Guetersloh), 
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland (Berlin), Roche Diagnostics GmbH (Mannheim), 
EUROPART Holding GmbH (Hagen), Draeger AG (Luebeck), and MDR 
Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Leipzig).

Drupal Projects: http://diabetes-world.net/ - Forum and user profiling; 
http://contaire.com/drupalsite - Company page + write-up; 
http://kgs-marienschule.de - School homepage, web-publishing workshops 
with teachers and pupils; To-be-disclosed site for a large +  
international research community.

Drupal Contributions: We contributed an early wiki.module, a small 
teaser.module and a new theme engine for the PHPTAL language. We also 
sponsored the Drupal booth at Linuxtag 2006.

Thank you &
kind regards

Dr. Olav Schettler
contAire GmbH
Arndtstr. 12 | D-50676 Köln | Germany
Office: +49 221 4204757 | Mobile: +49 175 2249141
olav.schettler at contaire.de | Yahoo! olav
Please visit our website http://www.contaire.com/

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