[development] Drupal Test Suite

Nimish Pachapurkar npac at spikesource.com
Fri Apr 28 18:05:34 UTC 2006


Some months ago, I had inquired about the current state of the Drupal 
test suite in this forum. At that time there were some issues in running 
the simpletest module for Drupal 4.6.5.

A team at SpikeSource, Inc. (http://www.spikesource.com) - where I work 
- has recently developed a test suite for Drupal that comprises of 5925 
functional tests that exercise more than 50% of the code. This test 
suite runs against both MySQL and PostgreSQL back ends.

The test suite is developed using following open source tools:

  * TestGen4Web: Used for recording user actions through browser and 
then translating them into SimpleTest test cases. 

  * SimpleTest: PHP unit and functional testing tool. 

  * PHPCoverage: PHP line coverage measurement tool. 

Currently, the test suite works against a deployed and configured 
instance of Drupal 4.6.6 with 99.98% tests passing. (SimpleTest counts 
each assertion as a test case.) The test suite covers following modules 
in addition to the core modules.

  * article
  * event
  * fckeditor
  * flexinode
  * image
  * img_assist

We would like to contribute this test suite so that more people can add 
to it and improve it.

Please let me know if anyone might be interested in taking a look at it 
and carrying this discussion forward.


SpikeSource, Inc.

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