[development] Best practice for editing multiple nodes on a page

David Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Sat Apr 29 19:23:57 UTC 2006


I found myself wanting to edit multiple nodes at once.  But not exactly
the way you are.  Rather, I wanted to edit taxonomy terms and workflow
states for multiple nodes.

The code may be of interest to some of you.  Its in my sandbox here

Anyone interested should read more about it here
<http://dave-cohen.com/node/1044> (which includes a discussion of why I
do not plan to move this code from my sandbox into contrib).


On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:34:16 -0500, "Scott White"
<webdesign at whitepaperdesigns.com> said:
> I am working on a bug in the acidfree module.
> http://drupal.org/node/59439
> I have tracked down the issue to a conflict between the path.module the 
> way acidfree edits multiple images at once.
> Acidfree calls node_load for many images in an album to create a page 
> that allows the user to move/rename/delete many items at once.
> The problem is that when hook_nodeapi is called it ends up creating a 
> form that does not save the same a single node.
> Is there a normal/approved/easy method for editing multiple nodes on a
> page?
> Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can think of several ways to patch 
> the problem, but I would prefer to submit a 'correct' fix.
> Thanks-
> Scott White (wpd)
> White Paper Designs

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