[development] A stance on Fantastico De Luxe

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Tue Aug 1 01:12:42 UTC 2006

Recently there have been many topics on Drupal.org about broken installs 
on Fantastico De Luxe, the cPanel application. Personally, I dislike 
Fantastico a lot and think it's bad for Drupal:

- It's bad for the admins, because they get a broken, outdated install 
without going through our usual documentation.
- It's bad for the community of support people, because there is an 
influx of support questions about non-standard Drupal installs
- It's bad for the community at large, because it makes Drupal look 
buggy and insecure

I wrote a text about it and after gathering feedback about it on 
#Drupal, it was clear that many Drupal people agreed with me on this. 
So, I posted it to Drupal.org and got a digg story going to spread the word:
http://drupal.org/forum/fantastico-de-luxe (the clean URL is for extra 
google points)

Note that the emphasis is on the fact that using Fantastico gets you an 
insecure / outdated site. We do need to make it sound like we're 
concerned for our users and not just slamming Fantastico blindly.

If you agree with these points, please digg up the article so we can 
spread some awareness about this.

Steven Wittens

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