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Eric Drechsel ericdrex at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 19:21:19 UTC 2006

On 7/31/06, Arnab Nandi <arnab at arnab.org> wrote:
> (conversation fork)
> While we're talking about authentication systems, I thought it would
> be relevant to mention "Cosign" ( http://weblogin.org ):
> "An open source project originally designed to provide the University
> of Michigan with a secure single sign-on web authentication system.
> Cosign is part of the National Science Foundation Middleware
> Initiative (NMI)"
> This is a single-point auth system, in contrast to OpenID, which does
> the opposite. However, this is extremely useful in institutions
> (universities, companies, etc) where there is a universal login system
> already in place. (All of UofM's ITservices use this)
> I haven't seen any Drupal client implementations that implement this;
> does anyone know of one?
> -Arnab
> (note: i am not related to the cosign project in any way)

We're using JVD's pubcookie module at PSU to tie in with SSO.
Pubcookie is  a product of UW, similar I think to Cosign . Another
option is to skip the middleman and go directly to LDAP (well

Note: the author does not particularly like the mess of C-code and
compiled templates that make up the pubcookie system.

Actually Arnab, OpenID might be a very good option in an environment
where identity is managed centrally. Central IT manages the directory
of identity URLs as a trusted service, and each identity URL points to
the OpenID authentication server.

Advantages over the various niche SSO packages:
++ Not Icky
+ Allows org members to use their institutional identity to sign into
OpenID consumer sites throughout the web (the marketing dept likes

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with pubcookie for now...

Eric Drechsel

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