[development] Unmaintained/Abandoned Modules

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Tue Aug 1 21:21:29 UTC 2006

That'd be great! I'd like to keep commit privileges, but if you want to 
be the official maintainer, please do. I outlined my vision for the 
module in the issue queue, and Khalid had some very interesting ideas to 
add, so it would be especially great if we all agree on the direction.


Nick Wilson wrote:
> * and then Khalid B declared....
>> The invite module seems to be currently abandoned.
>> Robert did some stuff on it a while back, and I wanted to take
>> temporary ownership of it for integration with adsense and user
>> points, but that is a client project that is now delayed.
>> I would say that if Nick Wilson wants to take ownership, or
>> at least be allowed to have commit access, then give him
>> that now.
> Well, i've submitted the patch as it stands 
> http://drupal.org/node/76632
> and have cc'd Robert

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