[development] LinksDB vs. Links

Matthew Jenkins mattj at inty.net
Wed Aug 2 08:07:28 UTC 2006

On 1 Aug 2006, at 17:55, Morbus Iff wrote:

>> That's exactly why I created LinksDB as well.  To 'scratch my own 
>> itch' as you put it.  I create dthe module originally for me, and so 
>> as not to
> Well, if you're going to release LinksDB as a alternative to Links, 
> you should at least attempt to program it correctly. You're not using 
> database prefixes, you're not using Drupal coding style, you're not 
> using db_query properly with %d and %s, you've got _POST all over the 
> place and blah blah blah.

You must be looking at a very early release then.  I _AM_ using 
db_query properly (I have been as soon as I discovered that it could be 
used like printf), and I _AM_ using database prefixes.

The _POST stuff I have found no other way around and I am using 
examples from the drupal sysem!  If you can show me a better way then 
I'll gladly use it, but the documentation is not that easy to work with 
or find what you want (I know it's hard to make good documentation, and 
I'm glad for what there is)

> At this point, I'd say you'd do yourself some service to actually 
> attempt to use the links package instead, because this code is far 
> from desirable on any type of Drupal installation.
> And, sorry, I don't buy the "well, it was for me only" schtick - if 
> you're gonna hop on here and disparage Links, intentionally or not, 
> you should at least have some powerful mojo to back you up. You don't.

At least get your facts straight before you start slating me.  And I am 
_NOT_IN_ANY_WAY_ 'disparaging' links.  Just because I have a desire for 
a different way to do my links than the links module does doesn't 
automatically make me think it's bad.  It's probably a very good module 
in the right place.  That place just didn't happen to be in the 
environment I was working in at the time.  And, as I'm not selfish 
(like some people seem to be), I am graciously allowing other people to 
use my code.  If you think that's a bad idea then I suggest you go and 
get yourself a job at Microsoft or something where that kind of mindset 
is rewarded with large pay rises.

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