[development] LinksDB vs. Links

Matthew Jenkins mattj at inty.net
Wed Aug 2 13:35:11 UTC 2006

On 2 Aug 2006, at 14:12, Morbus Iff wrote:

>> You must be looking at a very early release then.  I _AM_ using 
>> db_query properly (I have been as soon as I discovered that it could 
>> be used like printf), and I _AM_ using database prefixes.
> >
> > At least get your facts straight before you start slating me.
> Actually, the only reason you're using database prefixes is because 
> you went through and added them all shortly after I sent that message. 
> (?r1=, Wed Aug 2 08:00:47 2006 UTC).

That's when I checked that version in - I had done the changes a long 
long time ago.

OI have also joined head and 4.7 branches

>  * You've got an empty @file declaration.

Not put there by me - what is it?

>  * You're passing an unused array of string
>    replacements to t() in linksdb_help().

Copied and butchered from someone else's module - blame them not me.

>  * You're using HTML in the help of admin/settings/linksdb, which
>    means it has to be translated separately even though it's the
>    same string as the one preceding it. '<p>'.t().'</p>' instead.

Noted - I shall update.
>  * Your code doesn't follow the Drupal style guidelines at all.
>    http://drupal.org/node/318. Not mentioned there is an in-bred
>    "spaces after commas", which you love to not do.

That's pure prettiness
>  * You global $user in linksdb_menu() and you don't have to.

The module I learned from had it, and so do I.

>  * Your use of weights in linksdb_menu(), while they certainly
>    accomplish something, is abnormal. You never define weight 0,
>    default local tasks are set to -10, and the tabs usually are
>    ordered by declaration order, not manually defined weights.

I tried that and it seemed to re-order them alphabetically, which is 
certainly not what I want when the first one begins with V...

>  * MENU_NORMAL_ITEM is implied, and doesn't need to be specified.

I didn't know that - thanks, I shall remove them.

>  * You use "links/category/edit/4" when it really should be
>    "links/category/4/edit". Even with that said, you use arg(3)
>    in your linksdb_categories_edit() when you should be using
>    the naturally passed callback arguments of the menu (where
>    you'd use linksdb_categories_edit($cid)). You use arg()
>    throughout the module when you really shouldn't be.

That's not what I saw when learning - maybe it has changed in 4.7?

>  * You don't predeclare a bunch of things, such as $form in
>    linksdb_report() - predeclare it as $form = array(); first.


>  * You don't do sanity checking - you assume
>    that arg(2) exists and is a number.
>  * You spelt "concise" wrong, and your sentence has no period.


>  * You don't know how to use drupal_get_form(). If you give it
>    an ID of "reportform", then it'll happily use "reportform_submit".
>    However, instead of naming it "linksdb_report", you override this
>    automatic/free feature by forcing a callback function of "linksdb_
>    report_support", which is unnecessary.

The documentation seems to be sadly lacking in how that side of things 
work - I just used examples and got it working as best I could.

>  * No standardization in your code. You use $fid, $v for linksdb_
>    report_submit, $formid, $v in _moderate_submit, and $form_id,
>    $values in your _edit_submit. They're all the same thing.

It depends what mood I'm in and it doesn't affect how the code works in 
any way.  Also, as I learn new tricks in drupal the variables sometimes 
change with it.

>  * Your SQL isn't capitalized.


>  * You rarely need to use drupal_goto anymore, and
>    almost never in the _submit hook for FormsAPI.

Except when you don't want the URL to contain the data you passed as 
pathinfo after you have submitted

>  * Your SQL queries will not work on PostgreSQL. It needs
>    db_query('word "%s" word') not db_query("word '%s' word").

PostgreSQL is not something I have access to for testing, and have no 
knowledge of whatsoever.

>  * You use double spaces after sentences in _report_submit.

I am english.  I use english grammar.

>  * Listen, I know I said you shouldn't use drupal_goto a few bullets
>    ago. That doesn't mean you go and use drupal_set_header with a
>    Location: instead. Man alive.

Does drupal_goto  work with external URLs?

>  * Oh, and you're passing ; at the end of most of
>    your SQL queries. You don't need to do that either.

Force of habbit as it is what I was taught to do on SQL*PLUS back in 
the early 90's

>  * You use "'&lt;Root&gt;'" in linksdb_deadlinks, and '<Root>'
>    in linksdb_suggest. Which is it? (For what it's worth, it should
>    be '<'. t('root') .'>', per Drupal core).

If I'd know that I'd have done it.
>  * To prevent things like "select * from {links_links} where dead=1
>    order by {links_links}.name", use table abbreviations, like:
>    "select * from {links_links} ll where dead=1 order by ll.name".

Why? I'm happy to type the full name, and it makes it far more readable 
later.  I personally abhor the use of table abbreviations.

>  * if(variable_get('linksdb_show_report',1)==1) - you don't need ==1.

True, but it sometimes is clearer on the reading of the code if you're 
specific that you want that value.

>  * linksdb_deadlinks doesn't translate the report messages.

My bad

>  * You use "links/report/$link->id" and then 'links/refer/' .
>    $link->id. Which is it? Concatenation or interpolation?

It depends on my mood - they both do the same job.

>  * Oooh, you do know how to predeclare $form = array() in _suggest().
>    I guess you must have made sloppy mistakes all the other times.
>    Story of your life, eh?

This is my first module - I am learning the best ways to do it.

>  * "({name},{url},{description},{active},{category})" - I have no clue
>    what you're even attempting there. Column names aren't prefixed.

yeah, I know, and they're already gone.  I was getting a bit 
overzealous with my prefixing the other day.

>  * Is it site staff or site administrators? You use both.

Which do you suggest?  I'm happy with either.

>  * theme_link() - Gah, you don't use theme('image') here.

theme whattage?

Never heard of it.  What does it do?

>  * Is it "Link" or "link"? Previously you have "Report
>    this link", but then you have "Edit Link".


>  * $cat->shown=99999999;. Right. Heh.

why not? it does the job, and is nice and simple.

>  * You seem to use the "Report this link as dead"
>    thing a lot. That should be made a function.

Could do I guess.

>  * # for comments? What is this, Perl?

Why not? they're perfectly valid.  And perl is the other language I use 
day in and day out so I just stick to one comment style.

> And so on. But I'm getting bored.

Why not post some issues instead of slating me in public mr 'I'm oh so 
perfect and have never made even a slight slip in my life when learning 
a new system'?

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