[development] Code review for most downloaded modules

Matthew Jenkins mattj at inty.net
Wed Aug 2 13:48:19 UTC 2006

Sounds good, as long as whoever does the review is a little more 
sensitive towards the feelings of the developer that moby was.  Just 
going through the code and slating it to hell and back doesn't inspire 
the coder to do a better job.

That said, because I am nice, and I aim to please, I am going through 
my code and using his suggestions.

If I were anyone else, the reply 'f**k you moby' may come back.


On 2 Aug 2006, at 14:42, Khalid B wrote:

> John may have been half joking, but Morbus really did a good job
> reviewing the code for LinksDB.
> Here is an idea, it may not fly because it is "grunt work" and
> resource intensive, but how about we get a few people to
> do what Morbus did to the top 10 (or 50 or whatever) downloaded
> modules?
> This can be a step towards the top tier/certified/gold modules?
> On 8/2/06, John VanDyk <jvandyk at iastate.edu> wrote:
>> Wow, Morbus. Will you go through my modules, too, please?
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