[development] Patching settings.php

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Fri Aug 4 00:09:54 UTC 2006

Well, it's easy enough to auto-detect the current hostname. The question
is whether it should be stored in sites/default, sites/www.example.com,
sites/example.com... And so on and so on.

I, for one, absolutely despise urls that don't have 'www' at the
beginning -- the http://example.com style. It jst bugs me. I'd loathe
having drupal default my sites to that style, but explaining the
subtleties of how to specify your domain name makes things tricky.

I *lean* towards the idea of installing in sites/default, and allowing
users to create their own sites directories with an unmodified
default-settings.php file. Sifting through the tricky bits of
intelligently picking the right directory (or helping the user to) is...
A complicated beast, I think.

But then, I could be wrong -- it might not be as complicated as I fear.


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Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> The problem is that the installer writes to the file in
> default/settings.php. The installer should create an appropriate 
> subdiretory /mydomain and then copy the settings.php file there and 
> write to the copy.

So we'll need another option in the installer to specify the hostname of

the site being installed, yeah?


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