[development] CCK status?

Mark Fredrickson mark.m.fredrickson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 14:13:01 UTC 2006

I'm currently working on a node module where I used CCK to hold the data.

The advantages have been significantly less coding, no schema to
upgrade, and the ability to modify my node type from the GUI (a very
nice feature during development).

The disadvantages have been a lack of import/export ability (more on
this below), and a lack of call backs (e.g. during the view stage).

I've been working on a set of patches to add an import/export api to
CCK. It has been difficult because all the logic for saving/updating
types and fields is tightly coupled to the form submission code. I
would be happy to share these patches with others if they think they
can help. Otherwise, I'll just keep plugging away.


> I am kind of in the same boat. For a project of mine I need to decide
> whether to go with cck or to write my own node module.
> I would prefer to go with cck as I see a bigger benefit to Drupal as a
> whole, but if development does not seem to be viable, I might have to
> ditch the plan.
> Cheers,
>         Gerhard

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