[development] CCK status?

Ray Zimmerman rz10 at cornell.edu
Fri Aug 4 19:57:58 UTC 2006

On Aug 4, 2006, at 3:17 PM, Derek Wright wrote:
> On Aug 4, 2006, at 9:44 AM, Boris Mann wrote:
>> Oh, and of course, for all those "panicking" -- you are, of  
>> course, contributing in some way to CCK?
> yes.  a few months ago i had a burst of interest in CCK, and dove  
> in to start making it better.  i submitted a modest # of patches to  
> the issue queue.  at the time, i asked JonBob if he'd be willing to  
> grant me commit access so i could get my fixes in and help review  
> other patches, and he graciously declined my offer. ;)  most of my  
> patches are still languishing there, uncommitted. :(
>> If JonBob doesn't have the time to be the one gateway through  
>> which all development passes, I suggest speaking with him about  
>> nominating a second maintainer.
> +1.  i'm in gerhard's situation.  i have a huge new project on the  
> horizon that i was planning to rely on CCK for.  given the time  
> frame, it'll probably have to be 4.7, not waiting until 4.8/5.0.   
> if i have to maintain my own working version of CCK just for this,  
> that'd be a huge pain in the ass and a real shame for everyone.
> if killes and me are both poised to abandon the (otherwise obvious)  
> choice of using CCK for these new projects, something is clearly  
> wrong.  sadly, both of us are awfully busy ;) so i don't think  
> either of us are in a position to be a full-time 4.7 CCK  
> maintainer.  but, i'm pretty sure we could help out if given the  
> chance. ;)

This is exactly the kind of thing that prompted my initial e-mail. I  
just poked JonBob with an e-mail about this thread. Hopefully, we'll  
hear something straight from the horse's mouth soon.


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