[development] Administration page patch committed

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Aug 6 08:52:45 UTC 2006

Op zondag 6 augustus 2006 10:42, schreef Konstantin Käfer:
> Why would you need this? You can easily define an "admin" blocks section
> and fill your admin-only blocks in there. Regular users don't see it as
> they don't have the permissions to see the block. Optionally, you can
> restrict these blocks to only show up on certain pages with Drupal's
> built-in features.

Yea, I don't like te idea either. It introduces rather limiting new technology 
for something tha can be solved with the current technology in a far 
better/more flexible way.
We then need to define (hardcode) what is considered admin, too, also not a 
good option.

Lets be pragmatic and get a nice admin theme out, then we'll see from there 
how to improve that.

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