[development] Administration page patch committed

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Sun Aug 6 19:32:45 UTC 2006

Dries Buytaert wrote:
> Only for the winner, that is.  If they hadn't won, then they wouldn't be 
> able to eat? :)
Deliberate misinterpretation :P
They can justify spending the time on the basis that they *might* win an 
expensive piece of hardware, something that would otherwise be a major 
expense to their business.

> Clearly, some people are willing to take the risk, or 
> actually enjoy a challenge.
More importantly there is a big incentive to succeed. And doing it 
half-heartedly would clearly be pointless, since you'd be unlikely to win.

> That said, Robert Douglas, at one point, toyed with the idea to organize 
> a theme contest.
I can only relate an anecdote and an experience. Earlier this year one of 
the web design lists I subscribe to had an interesting thread about an 
organization offering $100 dollar prize in a design competition and only 
receiving one entry - which they didn't like.
Secondly there was the recent design competition for evolt.org (evolt,org is 
of course now running on Drupal). No prizes offered. Two entries were 
received, both from the core of people already involved with evolt.org, none 
from the wider community. Both designs are competent and visually improve on 
the current site, but neither have yet been implemented, I suspect because 
they're evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Nobody really has the 
incentive or time to polish the designs and push them out.

My point is: you need to offer a real incentive if you want a design shop to 
  come up with a better admin interface and/or a new core theme. Kudos 
doesn't really cut it.

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