[development] Distilling distributions from configured sites.

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Aug 9 14:35:25 UTC 2006

On 8/9/06, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> wrote:
> >> Another point I came across, is the files directory. I believe the
> >> installer should try and create it, and I also believe the
> >> distributions should be able to have default files that are copied to
> >> the directory.
> >
> > yes. this is sticks out like a sore thumb given how smooth install is now.
> I mentioned this to eaton a little:
>   * the installer should save to sites/domain.com/settings.php.

It already does that, sort of, if the directory for the domain is created and if
the settings.php is the default one.

So, if what you are saying is it should create domain.com directory and
settings.php, then I am with you on this.

Long term, using domain.com is far better than default, since you can
move from multi site to single site and vice versa seamlessly. If you
use default, there is a lot of work involved and hence not seamless.

>   * the installer should pre-create sites/domain.com/files/

Fully agree.

If the Apache user cannot create the directory, then it should tell the
user to do so.

While we are at it, why not add modules and themes as empty directories

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