[development] Distilling distributions from configured sites.

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Wed Aug 9 20:47:10 UTC 2006

On Wed, August 9, 2006 12:39 pm, Michelle Cox said:
> I don't know what the "sites/all thing" is, but I like having all my site
> specific themes, modules, and files under sites/domain/. What I would like
> to see in an installer is a series of checkboxes:

sites/all is a new minor feature in current CVS that adds a 3rd place
where modules and themes can be stored.  In addition to /modules/ and
sites/sitename/modules/, they can also be placed in /sites/all/modules/. 
Modules in /modules/ and /sites/all/modules/ will be available to all
sites, while modules in /sites/sitename/modules/ are site-specific.  It's
primary purpose is that there is now no excuse to put modules in /modules/
that don't come with the core system.  Leave that directory pure and
pristine!  The same applies to theme directories.  ALL
installation-specific stuff can now go under /sites/.

(This was one of the decidedly few patches I had time to contribute myself
recently, so I mention it where I can. <g>)

--Larry Garfield, who wishes he had more time to work on Drupal

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