**SPAM**::Re: [development] Gnome looking for hosted Drupal test site

Ron Dorman rwd at simplydigtech.net
Thu Aug 10 21:34:38 UTC 2006

Boerland, Bert wrote:
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>> Requirements? Contacts? Next step?
> Read the second link. btw, i thought this was rather "old news" [1] [2] or am I mixing stuff up?
> [1] http://willy.boerland.com/myblog/drupal_on_gnome
> [2] http://willy.boerland.com/myblog/gnome_to_switch_to_drupal
Thanks for the info Bert. However, the current Gnome page still says 
they need a test site and I am interested in helping them with it.

I just wanted to find out if they need a server to serve what their 
current stats say they are serving, or just a test area to evaluate 
Drupal, what versions of php, MySQL, etc. they would prefer. I couldn't 
find any way to contact them other than editing the wiki, and I don't 
want to do that.

Rowan, maybe you can enlighten me as to who to contact, and how, to find 
out if I can help.

Ron D.

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