[development] Adding to Profile forms - is hardcoding the only way?

Heine Deelstra info at ustilago.org
Fri Aug 11 09:53:29 UTC 2006

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 09:10:37 +0200, Carl Mc Dade <carl_mcdade at yahoo.com>  

> Which produces results while nothing else in the docs or forum worked.  
> The problem is while it does add text to the form it does not alter it.  
> The description stays the same and the added text appears at the top of  
> the form. The second problem is that the extra text seems to exist in  
> its own array and stays at the top. Manipulating the array only moves  
> the profile module fields and leaves the added text at the top.

>  Everyone says use form _ alter but there is no documentation or  
> examples of its use in the wild.

Drupal & modules being open source, there are a lot of examples (not all  
very good, mind you).

Here's an example form_alter for the profile field named  
'profile_firstname' in the category 'Personal'

function scratch_form_alter($form_id, &$form) {
   if ($form_id == 'user_edit') {
     // Check whether we are at the right page
     if (isset($form['Personal'])) {
       // Modify
       $form['Personal']['profile_firstname']['#description'] =  
'Descriptions are not check_plained!';
       // Or unset, all works

If you do decide to file a bug report, please give full 'steps to  
reproduce' and what it is you are trying to do.



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