[development] Nodes content within nodes solution developement?

Samuel Lampa samuel.lampa at rilnet.com
Sat Aug 12 11:41:35 UTC 2006

What kind of dymanic selection do you need?

Could this be accomplished by letting the "Views" module select the 
node/nodes to show, providing them as a block (should be able to contain 
full nodes), and then inserting them into the forum posts with the help 
of "Insert Block" module? (A simple solution at least for some needs...)

(There is "Insert Views" module also, but it had so much problems so I 
went with the "insert block" instead.)

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Carl Mc Dade skrev:
> I have been asked to come up with a 4.7 solution for dynamically 
> embedding blog nodes within forum nodes. Before I begin what I need to 
> know is if someone is already working on this or has done work on 
> something similar.
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