[development] Nodes content within nodes solution developement?

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Sat Aug 12 17:18:20 UTC 2006

A site I've been working on has almost *exactly* the same requirement.
It's still in development, so the code doesn't exist yet (urgh), but our
conclusion was:
Use nodeapi's insert $op to intercept new blog posts. When they're
saved, programmatically create a forum post with the blog post's teaser
and a link pointing to the 'full' blog entry. In nodapi's 'view' $op,
add a link at the bottom of the blog post to 'discuss this post' that
points to the forum topic in question. It would work best when blog
posts have comments disabled; that way there's only one place to discuss
a given blog post. The end result is that blog posts point to the forum
for discussion. It would probably work best if there was a dedicated
forum category for those types of posts.
I'm not sure if that's helpful, but it's the flow we came up with.
There's some sample code for programmatically creating forum nodes in
the 'devel' module's generate-content.php script. It handles the proper
linking of taxonomies and updating of post counts, etc.

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That type of solution is a bit too complicated to set up and

What we are looking at is a integration of two types of community user.
The blogger and the forum user. A blogger consistently writes on topics
but may not do so in a way that it sparks a forum. They may be just blah
blahing. But sometimes they may blog on a topic that fits in with a
Forum category. In this case we would like the user to be able to take a
blog and insert it inline into the first post. This is so that comments
and replies land in the right venue. Also the blogger or site
administrator does not have moderate blog comments and replies this is
left up to the moderators of the Forum.

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