[development] CVS HEAD, code freeze, zeitgeist

Sammy Spets sammys-drupal at synerger.com
Thu Aug 17 00:40:46 UTC 2006

Exciting stuff! I agree that the FormAPI stuff needs to go in.

Sammy Spets
Synerger Pty Ltd

On 16-Aug-06 16:06, Jeff Eaton wrote:
> Thanks for the heads up and the opportunity to discuss, Dries.
> There's one relatively major patch that I've been involved in -- the
> switch from text-based to array-based assembly of node contents for
> rendering. I'm very happy with it in general, but after further
> examination I think there must be another patch to smooth the rough
> edges off one aspect of it (clean and convenient rendering of sub-chunks
> of the content array). That's not a show stopper, but I need to get a
> patch out for it this weekend as more free time opens up.
> The other biggie that is down to the wire is the switch to 'pull' rather
> than 'push' workflow for FormAPI. (http://drupal.org/node/77919 for
> those who aren't memorizing patch nids). It's a very important change,
> one that removes a large number of fundamental roadblocks in the way of
> things like programmatic (rather than UI-driven) use of forms to save
> and edit data, the clean integration of multi-step wizard-style forms
> into core, and so on. There are some rough edges to the patch, and it
> does not directly implement any of the awesome 'And I want a pony"
> features that it paves the way for. But it is very significant and I
> would hate to see it not make it.
> The install system is in place, but there are still problems that must
> be resolved before it can be used ina a trouble-free fashion by end
> users (namely some of the requirements checking stuff, and ways to
> support multi-site installations without blowing away the 'clean' copy
> of settings.php that's necessary.)
> We have core completely patched and ready for jQuery integration (which
> is really essential for Drupal's future as a web app platform, IMO), but
> we probably won't get it in because of delays in jQuery 1.0's release.
> I mention these particular patches/issues/improvements because they all
> represent, to me, the current state of HEAD. Full of possibility, but
> also rough around the edges. There are tons of new under-the-hood
> capabilities, but we're not using them yet. There are lots of new
> subsystems, but we haven't yet ironed out all the problems that they'll
> face when people try to convert all of contrib over. And so on and so
> on.
> It's exciting, but a bit nerve wracking. I suppose that these things are
> all what gets shaken out after the code freeze, when we can focus on
> refining and fixing issues rather than trying to stick new features in. 
> --Jeff

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