[development] spellcheck module upgrade

Jakub Suchy jakub at rtfm.cz
Fri Aug 18 21:54:56 UTC 2006

i just needed spellcheck module for my project, but it is not compatible
with 4.7. I just created a patch:

As I am not too much experienced Drupal developer yet, i would like to
ask you to review the patch and provide fixes too.
Please note that:
1) Spellcheck module doesn't have maintainer, i don't know, if i can
become a maintainer, because:
2) Spellcheck needs shell_exec() permitted on your system, it uses
ispell or aspell binary directly. As I have only ispell, which doesn't
support UTF-8 - therefore it's unusable for me as my project is in Czech
language (Which i discovered after porting to 4.7 :) As I won't be
actively using it, i don't think, i can be a maintainer.
3) AJAX Spellcheck looks promising, but still in development. I think it
requires more attention. Maybe Thox's AJAX module is obsoleted by
4) My patch altered spellcheck.module so it displays form button
"Spellcheck", but i am not able to place button everytime at the bottom
of the node add form? Any suggestions?


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