[development] Possibility of API *additions* post-code freeze?

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 08:17:42 UTC 2006

I agree with you that such functionality should be split up into separate
functions. Currently, way to much modules just perform their database
changes in a submit function (or something like that) without providing
other modules to do the same thing through a nice interface.

+1 on this idea.

2006/8/20, Angela Byron <drupal-devel at webchick.net>:
> On 20-Aug-06, at 2:06 AM, Boris Mann wrote:
> >
> > I don't know what the best approach is here, but if, as Angie says,
> > we can make functions a bit more modular so that they CAN be called
> > externally with predictable results...it's a good thing.
> Let me elaborate for a moment what my current train of thought is.
> Let's take user_admin_role() as an example. This ~50 line function
> encompasses full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) and then some on
> user roles. However, it takes no parameters, so there is no way to
> get in there and pull out specific pieces to do just one of the
> things it does.
> I was thinking we could go one of two ways on this. Either a series
> of functions like:
> user_role_create() // or user_role_insert or user_role_add
> user_role_read() // or user_role_get
> user_role_update() // or user_role_save
> user_role_delete()
> user_role_list() // retrieve a list of all user roles as an array of
> objects or whatever
> Or one "mega" function which incorporates the logic like:
> function api_user_role($op, $name = NULL, $id = 0) {
>    switch ($op) {
>      case 'create':
>        db_query("INSERT INTO {role} (name) VALUES ('%s')", $name);
>        break;
>      case 'delete':
>        db_query('DELETE FROM {role} WHERE rid = %d', $id);
>        db_query('DELETE FROM {permission} WHERE rid = %d', $id);
>        // Update the users who have this role set:
>        db_query('DELETE FROM {users_roles} WHERE rid = %d', $id);
>        break;
>      // etc.
>    }
> }
> (I named it "api" because it would be nice if all such functions were
> grouped together so you could find them easily, a better prefix
> probably exists :))
> Then, user_role would be changed internally to call:
> api_user_role('create', $edit['name']); // or user_role_add($edit
> ['name']);
> but at the same time I could put in my install file:
> api_user_role('create', 'Seamonkey'); // or user_role_add('Seamonkey');
> From a calling module's point of view, there's no difference;
> user_admin_role() still takes no parameters, and it still encompasses
> all of the functionality it ever did. The difference is that now we
> can actually get at that functionality in bite-sized chunks to do
> specific things.
> Obviously, each "thing" in Drupal should get its own set of functions/
> mega function. I don't know which approach is better... I lean
> towards the micro-functions though rather than the mega-function,
> even though it will add to the number of functions Drupal has. Open
> to ideas on this point. :)
> -Angie
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