[development] Wiki module

Sumit Datta sumitdatta at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 08:40:15 UTC 2006

Hello people,
yes i will look into the available wiki modules. i have looked into
liquid wiki. flickr is also interesting to me but i want to start off
with wiki, since that is also the project that was on my applications
list for Drupal for SoC applications. but i didnt apply for that. So
now i can do it. I will install Dokuwiki and Mediawiki and do a study
myself and submit a documentation and plan since i dont think such a
plan exits. I intend to make the plan available before Brussels.
And for Brussels this is what i found : http://drupalcon.org/node/24
So i think we will need a plan anyways, unless someone has already made one.

Once i am done with plan of wiki module i will need to wait for
Brussels to wait so that I know what all discussions went in there
.... for that time being i will look into Flickr : just study it,
nothing much serious.
=Code is Poetry=
Sumit Datta

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