[development] Re: Wiki module

Sumit Datta sumitdatta at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 15:30:38 UTC 2006

I installed WikiMedia and the usual things that came up are:
*(1) Nice installer : Option to choose License of the content (
includes the License Chooser from http://creativecommons.org/license/)

*(2) Caching options and integration with Turck MMCache, APC,
eAccelerator, or Memcached

*(3) Email message to other users : that we already have in Drupal

*(4) Most config options are as usual common to any CMS, so it isnt
needed to redo them

The rest is just the wiki that we see almost everyday :) with usual
features as history (versioning),
talks on a page (this is another *node* which discusses the content of
a wiki page) : this is called discussions too
and ofcourse the ability to edit :P

I think thats all there is to it. The wiki module has to be *VERY*
clean UI : my suggestion.

Tonight I will install and start tweaking with the existing wiki modules :)
=Code is Poetry=
Sumit Datta

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