[development] Re: [translations] Translations for HEAD and a possible string freeze

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Aug 24 11:31:55 UTC 2006

Konstantin Käfer wrote:
> Hi,
> during the 4.7 release cycle, I have been very active translation
> Drupal into my language (German). I thought that I'll share my
> experiences with it.
> If I recall it correctly, there has been a "string freeze", meaning
> that strings will not change anymore from a certain date on.

You don't recall correctly, there never was an official string freeze. 
We tried to avoid string freezes, though.

> I suggest that we'll do a string freeze for the HEAD version one month
> after the code freeze. That would be October 1st. I think that this
> would give documentation patches enough time to get in after the code
> "freeze" (which is actually not a freeze as patches still go in, it's
> more of a "feature freeze") while giving translators enough time to
> update their translations for HEAD before it is released to the
> public. I urge all developers to respect that "string freeze" and only
> break it if absolutely necessary. That means, that all major
> documentation patches should get in before October 1st.

I think this is a good idea. Other projects do that as well.


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