[development] jquery 1.0 release imminent

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Aug 24 13:47:38 UTC 2006

> I wouldn't respond that way, I'd respond "s/div/span/g". The 
> span.link-with-tip should include only the anchor and tip. I will make 
> the concession that if the tip has particularly complex HTML then this 
> method becomes cumbersome/intractable.

But doesn't that make the source ugly?

  <p>This is a word that <span><a href="">popups</a><span>Popups
   are great fun and eat bears!</span></span> and then creates
   a funny <span><a href="">sound</a><span>KERISH is the sound
   that penguins make when they trip another</span> on mouseout.</p>

That's one sentence with two popups, but it looks and acts like one 
giant paragraph. It's neat that screenreaders don't read :none (I didn't 
know that -- useful), but the above still seems like a pollution.

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