[development] options in update.php?

Stefan Borchert stefan at borchert.cc
Thu Aug 24 19:59:17 UTC 2006

Peter Wolanin schrieb:
> Is it currently possible to present a form and take user input when
> they run update.php?
> Here's the scenario I'm thinking of:
> For the book module patch I posted about, it would be nice to give
> users the option to convert the top-level pages in their existing book
> hierarchy to the new "book" type so that they can immediatediatly ue
> some of the new features.  However, to avoid altering (breaking) site
> data by default, it seems best that this not be the only or the
> default option.
Why don't you offer a conversion page after update (link in "update 
completed message") like category.module does with its wrapper modules?

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