[development] Splitting up patches

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Aug 25 19:26:22 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 25 augustus 2006 01:05, schreef Neil Drumm:
> If I am mistaken about the separation of a patch, then do what you do
> any other time I'm wrong (it happens)- provide a well-reasoned and
> concise response. There are no hard rules here since it is a bit
> subjective.

No, you are completely right. In the current way of Drupalleering it is near 
to impossible to get any big changes in in a clean way. Even for the 
maintainers of patches: small patches require far less work if some other 
patch got committed in the mean time.

The problem, however lies deeper, IMO. Because our system/workflow "prefers" 
small patchesm, we, the developers tend to put on horselflaps when 

If I ever encounter an api that has an inconsistent nqme, there is really no 
F-ing way that I will change that API, when all I want is introduce a new 
feature that simply calls that api.
Even worse: our system/worflow makes it easier to rather write yet another API 
for the feature you want to introduce, then to overhaul the three existing 
APIS and merge them into one, far more usefull api. 

What I am trying to point out, is not that we should go for bigger, more 
inclusive patches. I think Drumm explained very well that that is not really 
a good option. 
I am trying to put my finger on a (very) sore point in Drupal. Drupal that 
rewards small/tiny hacks, but punishes those who prefer general and more 
constructive solutions.

The netto result is that we see small improvements happen all over the place. 
But that API improvements, archetectural improvements never happen, untill 
the day that it bursts, the day that we get FAPI alike improvements. 

I would like to find a solution inbetween. Some system that rewards 
someone/somthing that makes, for example, the taxonomy apis consistent with 
the node apis. Something that rewards a person who took the time to make the 
(plural/singular) naming of our tables consitent. 
I am searching for a way to "keep the house clean inbetween the yearly 
spring-cleanings". Only diswashing once a day is not enough, you need to do 
some cleaning on weekly base too. If you don't you will only make the 
spring-cleaning a hell.


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