[development] po import in install time

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Aug 28 11:48:18 UTC 2006


I started to code this supposedly simple patch today and hit too many road 
blocks, so I figured I would ask here, if someone knows a bulletproof way 
to do this.

I have this installer translation patch [1], which is not yet ready for 
core comitting (and might not be until the code freeze unfortunately). I 
thought I'd better focus on the more important issue first then: importing 
of PO files automatically on module enable (and possibly install time).

The fundamental problem is that if I would try to import PO files, I would 
need the list of languages set up on the site. For this API I need the 
locale module already set up and enabled (loaded in), and for this we need 
the locale tables to set up.

PO import on module enable would work this way:

  - drupal_install_module() calls the module's install hook if available

  - it would then call a locale_install_po($modulename) function,
    which would look for PO files in the modulefolder/po/it.po places,
    in the form of it.po, de.po, hu.po and such. we only need to look
    for po files for the enabled languages, and need to import them

Getting the enabled languages is trivial, if locale module is already set 
up and working, and then this PO import becomes trivial as a result. The 
problem is that the locale module is enabled at an uncertain time by the 
install profile, so modules enabled after that in the install sequence 
will have their translations loaded, others will surely have not. This 
includes the system.module, which is forced to get installed first.

We can also do PO import in drupal_install_modules(), and try to import PO 
files after all modules are installed. This is slightly better, but is not 
called by system.module in case you enable a module on the admin 

Any ideas?


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