[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Yves CHEDEMOIS y.chedemois at free.fr
Tue Aug 29 19:44:19 UTC 2006

Neil Drumm a ecrit le 29/08/2006 20:27:
> Neil Drumm wrote:
>> Lets try setting some goals here:
>> * It must be a good theme technically.
>>   - Work in the browsers we say Drupal works in (it is somewhere in 
>> the handbook).
>>   - Be tableless, because tables are for storing tabular data, not 
>> visual layout.
>>   - Not override more themeable functions than we already do.
>>   - Have good code style.
>> * It must look good.
>     - Put the content first and avoid visually noisy design.
I have to agree with the "noisy design" part.
These themes look fine for _some_ site, I guess I
wouldn't mind bumping into one of them while browsing,
but I think they're visually too "involved" to fit
for _the default drupal theme_. This can't represent
the drupal brand.

Someone (Drumm as well ?) mentioned the "plainness" of Kubrick
WP theme. I think we have to stick to that.

Now, maybe this is only a matter of CSS ?


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