[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Tue Aug 29 20:52:00 UTC 2006

> But if forced to say good things about bluemarine... all I can say is 
> that it is relatively simple. To fit with today's designs it 
> would need 
> the blue made more bold, time spent on the fonts, some 
> whitespace around 
> the page margins, something to make the blocks look like blocks other 
> than a darkish gray background, and a markup overhaul around 
> the column 
> layout.

Yeah, I can agree with those things. In looking at the zen series, I
think a strong case can be made that a 'BlueMarine-alike' skin for it
would be a relatively straightforward step. I mentioned on IRC that
BlueMarine offers something none of the variations presented so far do:
With a dark header, relatively dark sidebars, and a light content area,
it feels more like a 'frame around your stories' than any of the others
do. I like that a lot, and I think a variation of zen that utilizes that
approach, echoing the general layout of and style of BlueMarine, could
be a really nice addition.


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