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Wed Aug 30 02:36:18 UTC 2006

Sorry to be a bother but, is Zen the theme with the lawn chair?

On  29.Aug.2006, at 09:54 PM, Jeff Eaton wrote:

> Jeff Robbins wrote:
>> The Zen theme is a framework for creating your own CSS-based  
>> themes. I would love nothing more than to see several hundred  
>> better CSS-based themes contributed and ready for release in  
>> Drupal 5.1. It would mean that we'd have that many designers  
>> realizing the potential of Drupal.
> That is something that comes up a lot. A huge number of people out  
> there have taken it upon themselves to design style sheets for  
> their web engine/cms of choice. That's not always easy for the  
> hobbyist/curious designer to do in Drupal. It's possible with any  
> of the well-designed themes, but very few have the level of  
> flexibility necessary to do anything more than change the font and  
> colors.
> Contributing factors have included our historically 'dense' CSS  
> file (which often required an all-or-nothing approach to CSS  
> overrides), the necessity of diving into code to override specific  
> kinds of pages and/or sidebar blocks, and core themes that while  
> adequite used relatively outdated design techniques like table- 
> layout and so on.. This version of Drupal makes huge strides in  
> simplifying the forest of CSS. In addition, it's now possible to  
> drop in individual .tpl files for specific page URLs and blocks. A  
> 'foundation' theme like zen would also be awesome for hanging CSS  
> skins on.
>> In the meantime, please consider whether this is an improvement  
>> over Bluemarine.
> From a structural standpoint, I think it's a home run. There are  
> still a lot of subtle tweaks that I think would make it a smash on  
> other levels, too.
> --Jeff

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