[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 03:57:59 UTC 2006

> At OWSD:
> http://www.oswd.org/design/information/id/2634
> As a Drupal theme:
> http://drupal.org/project/deliciously_blue
> Of course it might need some better treatment for
> the blocks, plus make 
> it fluid, but if I would have time to do a *simple*
> theme for Drupal core, 
> I would go this way (not exatly with this theme).
> Because of the looks of 
> it. It's blue (maybe not blue enough, but it could
> be solved), it looks 
> dynamic, fresh and overall sexy.

Indeed something like the above theme was what I
envisioned going into core as well.  If we could style
the zen theme like the above theme I think it would be
a good combination. I might try and take a stab at
that myself, although I need to see how the zen theme
works first.


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