[development] New Themes for New Drupal

Laura Scott laura at pingv.com
Wed Aug 30 18:30:47 UTC 2006

I'm just catching up on this discussion. I think Trae has made some  
excellent points. If I may add what may come of as snark to some  
folks here, I will just note:

* Why does it have to be one theme? If 4 or 5 themes shipped with  
Drupal, average non-technical users would have some quick options.  
Fixed and variable alternatives could be offered. (I'm not a fan of  
fluid themes b/c of problems with readability, but that's just my own  

* This thread on /theming/ has gone on for the better part of a  
couple of days, and not once has it been brought into the themes  
discussion list, which begs the question of how themes are to be  
evaluated, developed, etc. Just sayin'.

Personally, I don't care at all for Bluemarine but have no big  
problem with the other core themes. I also like Box Grey enough to  
not hold its tables against it. ;)


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