[development] Theme reduction?

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Thu Aug 31 02:01:36 UTC 2006

Jeff Eaton wrote:
 > At absolute worst... Does anyone have feelings about replacing some of
 > the old-and-crusty additional themes that we include with Drupal? Even
 > if folks are absolutely desperately attached to bluemarine, how many
 > folks are there out there who say, "You'll take away Grey Box when you
 > pry it from my cold, dead, hands?"

I like that idea, actually.  I use Grey Box all over the place.  But all of 
those sites are on older releases (e.g. 4.4, 4.5).  When I upgrade them to 4.7 
or 4.8, I fully expect and want to upgrade the theme,too.  So if Box Grey were 
not available, that would be fine with me.

Go ahead and blow a few of the old themes out the airlock!  :-)

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