[development] possible theme?

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Thu Aug 31 13:14:09 UTC 2006

I like it. I agree with Morbus' feelings about the liquid design; at 
*least* on admin pages, it would be great if we could let things expand 
and shrink as needed.

Rating-wise? 4 out of five as "A new included theme." 3 out of five for 
"new default theme."  The elements of Bluemarine that I think are very 
distinctive, and feel very 'Drupal-like,' are darker headers and 
sidebars, a lighter content area, and links on the right of the header. 
It makes one feel like the content has been 'framed' by the header and 
blocks, whereas open themes like this one feel as if the blocks and 
header are 'tagged on' to the content.

That's not BAD -- I like the theme a LOT. But it feels more like 'The 
awesome replacement for Chameleon' than bluemarine. I would absolutely 
thumbs-up it for inclusion, though.


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