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Thu Aug 31 15:23:14 UTC 2006

On  31.Aug.2006, at 07:00, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> Dries Buytaert wrote:
>> Hello world,
>> is there someone else who likes?
>>   http://www.drupalart.org/drupal48/
>>   http://drupal.org/node/81217
>> Personally, I think it makes for the best candidate so far.  It  
>> looks like bluemarine's pretty sister, and is what I had in mind.
> I like it, but the header section needs work. The round Druplicon  
> looks uncomfortable sitting on the pointed edge of the tabs. I am  
> not saysing we'd need rounded tabs, though. Maybe move the tabs  
> more to the right?

Some quick pointers:

(1) How about float them all the way to the right?

(2)  I don't know what people have against Arial. Verdana is to lumpy  
a font for my taste. If not Arial, then Trebuchet (which is found in  
both Mac and PC) would be a better choice (to go with the logo's font).

(3) Can't the font on the login block be a bit smaller (which is why  
I love the login tobbogan)

(4) The post information should be flush with the title, not the  
content. It reads like content right now. it also should be smaller  
than the content font.

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