[development] Controlling User Disk Usage

Darren Oh darrenoh at sidepotsinternational.com
Sun Dec 3 18:12:04 UTC 2006

On Dec 3, 2006, at 12:08 AM, Drupal Designs wrote:

> I am looking to see if there is any way one can have disk usage  
> limit set per user? Basically wanted to know what is the best way  
> to implement payment levels (monthly membership) based on disk  
> usage needs for a user?
> Is there anything available? If not, what is the best way to do it?

If you're looking for a way control the amount of space users can use  
for uploaded files, the best way I can think of is to create a custom  
access control module. Users would determine their levels of access  
by subscribing in your E-Commerce store. The access control module  
would check to see whether the user's subscription is current and  
whether the user has space left before allowing a file to be  
uploaded. You could also create a settings page to configure whether  
files from expired subscriptions should be deleted by a cron task  
after a period of time.

As far as I know, no one is working on such a module. I estimate that  
it would take about a week to develop and test.

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