[development] General token parser (API), does it exist?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Dec 6 11:53:29 UTC 2006


new-user-emails, welcome-mails, pathauto, newsletters, themes, auto_nodetitles 
and so on.
 Just a few random examples of token-replacement. Drupal has nothing in this 
regards, every module on its own, resulting in a lot of code-overhead, 
inconsistency and all the other downsides of not having a central/modular 

Are there any projects on this? Any APIs, libraries, or exsisting modules that 
do what I need: centralise token replacement? Or even an existing patch or 
issue that I missed?

What  need, more specific, is:
* Present the user/admin with a list of available tokens (%username, %site 
etc) in a help message.
* Parse these by replacing tokens with the value of a variable.

What I don't need, is:
* A new templating engine.
* complex if-while etc structures.


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