[development] General token parser (API), does it exist?

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Dec 6 13:25:23 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 6 december 2006 13:30, schreef Konstantin Käfer:
> If I understand it correctly, you mean something like this:
> - The user has a list of possible values, for example:

No, more a general place/code for something like: 

Customize the body of the welcome e-mail, which is sent to new members upon 
registering. Available variables 
are: %username, %site, %password, %uri, %uri_brief, %mailto, %login_uri, %edit_uri, %login_url.

This is now hardcoded into user.module. And there are many more flavors and 
concepts that do almost the same, and need to hardcode this.


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