[development] Preparing for 5.0 string freeze

Chris Kennedy chrisken at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Dec 12 13:05:47 UTC 2006

I don't know the official policy but string changes are still being made
to CVS.

The "String Freeze" queue has 8 currently active issues:

The RTBC queue (down to 6 issues!) doesn't currently seem to have
anything that would affect a string freeze:

There has been a lot of progress made with string fixes recently, but we
don't appear to be "frozen" yet. My hunch is that we're getting pretty
cold though.


Jakub Suchy wrote:
> Hi,
> had 5.0 been frozen already? I would like to start making official czech
> translation and we don't have much time before christmas :-)
> Thanks,
> Jakub
> http://www.drupal.cz

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