[development] OT: PHP security team changes

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Thu Dec 14 20:42:57 UTC 2006

It is clear that this is about PHP and not Drupal specifically. This is why
I had OT (short for off topic).

However, being a PHP application, it is always important for us to know what
happens upstream of us because it may affect our future development.

The rest of your points are valid of course. Drupal is used for building
community sites (among other things), and we should be a good community too.

On 12/14/06, Zohar Stolar <z.stolar at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Apart from Drupal being a PHP application, is there any direct relation
> to Drupal?
> At first I didn't quite get it, an I thought it's about Drupal's security
> team. This didn't quite sit well with the good spirit the Drupal community
> succeeded to build.
> Whatever the truth is, in the PHP team, let this be a lesson for us, to
> always maintain the (rare) mature conversations and debates the Drupal
> community conducts.
> As few posts recently stated - this is a key factor for success and
> progress.
> Khalid B wrote:
> Just an FYI
> Stefan Esser leaves the PHP security team.
> http://www.heise-security.co.uk/news/82500
> http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/12/14/0410240
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