[development] Could be interesting ...

Martin Tomes lists at tomes.org
Fri Dec 15 09:41:09 UTC 2006

Dries Buytaert wrote:
> Could be interesting ...
> http://www.alledia.com/blog/seo_competition/joomla_v._wordpress_v._drupal/
> ... and maybe a good time to double check the SEO-ity of Drupal 5.  ;)

All you have to do is 'encourage' members of this list to link their own 
sites to the Drupal test site. SEO will rapidly become irrelevant and it 
will become a measure of how many bloggers like a particular blogging 
platform and choose to blog about this experiment with links to their 
favoured platforms test site.

Type 'hairy heartthrob' into google and you will find an article about 
one of our system administrators - it took three of us to link to that 
to get it top of the search, plus it is a sufficiently obscure phrase.

I think it would be wise not to waste any time on this:-)

Plus the fact that the site map link on the Drupal site is broken (it 
looks like a joomla url!)

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